Sunday, December 12, 2004
Yushchenko's staff suspects Russia
ABC News: Yushchenko Aide Alleges 'KGB' Plot:
When asked by ABC News' Bill Weir if the Russian government, and specifically President Vladimir Putin, had anything to do with the poisoning, Yushchenko chief of staff Oleh Rybachuk said: "I am not very positive about government, but what I might say that was Soviet Union ... sort of KGB experts are clearly involved in this plot.
Rybachuk added that Yushchenko had been forewarned of the plot. "I actually talked to [Yushchenko] in late July when getting messages from both Ukrainian and Russian ex-secret service agents saying there was a plot and poisoning is number one," he said. Rybachuk said the agents told Yushchenko the goal would not be to kill him but to make him an "invalid" in order to knock him out of the campaign.
And apparently some people think that Yanukovych himself is a KGB agent...
Yanukovych is allegedly a KGB agent:
H. Omelchenko alleges that V. Yanukovych is an agent of the KGB and that his campaign for the Presidency is an operation of the Russian Special Services. But he denies the presence of Russian Special Forces in Ukraine.

He commented on this during a live radio program on NART. "I know the surname of the officer who enlisted him. He is now a KGB lieutenant-general of the Ukrainian RSR reserves, lives in Ukraine, and is a citizen of Ukraine... he lives in the south, his name begins with 'O'; I will not say anything more," said H. Omelchenko.

"The Russian Secret Service, including analytical psychologists, took practically everything into account to ensure that Yanukovych wins the presidency. He would then be completely directed by the Russian Secret Service and, especially, by the president of Russia, Putin. They did not take one thing into account: that the Ukrainian people will rise up in peaceful revolution," stated the parliament member. At the same time, Omelchenko confirms that he personally inspected the facilities of the Presidential Administration when it had been thought that the Russian Special Forces squads were camped there. He did not find any foreign troops. He considers this information to be a rumor deliberately spread so that protestors would be provoked into aggression by which blood would then be shed, and a State of Emergency could be declared.
It takes a whole lot for a guy like me in South Dakota to get interested in Ukrainian politics, but here I am, writing about this wearing a bright orange shirt... Of course it says Dusty Johnson on it, but oh well.


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